Find a Niche On the Way ‘Up’

What is your winning Niche? Many aspects of digital success can be compared with other money making strategies. Specifically this includes investing in the stock market and picking winning companies.

You see, in many ways, choosing a keyword or a niche is like investing in shares of a publicly traded company. While many people won’t approach it this way and will instead focus on making money from the big and ‘steady’ niches. The big money tends to come from taking risks on lesser known niches – just like the stock market.

Just as you can make a huge profit from betting on the right horse when trading, you can do the same with digital marketing. Choose a niche or subject matter that is currently quite small but also on the way ‘up’.

Examples of Niches That Exploded

What do we mean when we say a niche that’s going up? Basically we mean any topic that is currently not that competitive but is heading towards world domination.
So an example of this might be CrossFit. Not so long ago, this was an unheard of activity that no one had much interest in. Now it’s one of the biggest trends in fitness by far and has a huge number of fans. Websites that took a risk by focussing on CrossFit are reaping the rewards big time. The same goes for writers who focussed on the Paleo diet.

What niches might come to explode in future? It’s never possible to say for sure but things like Virtual Reality. This will likely be big news going forward while the next fitness trend could well be ‘competitive fitness’.

How to Get it Right

Getting this right is part art and part science. Of course you can never be 100% sure when a niche will take off. But you can certainly keep your ear to the ground to see where the buzz is being generated. And there’s nothing wrong with having multiple sites in different niches to ‘spread your bets’ (which is like creating a portfolio).

Want to get really be an innovator? Then try to influence The Next ‘Big Thing’? Start by making amazing content and generating buzz around it?

Take something you truly love and then use your site to attract more people to a niche that used to be small!

Niche Success: THINK RIGHT